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NG Level Icon Comparison

Posted by Lockesmyth - February 24th, 2012

Someone has probably already posted something like this already, but I've put together a side-by-side comparison of the older (2007-2012) Newgrounds Level Icons and the new (post-redesign) Level Icons. The old icons are from here. I've scaled up the new icons x2; that way all the icons are more similarly sized.

There is a scaled down preview below, the proper version is here.

NG Level Icon Comparison

Comments (7)

Cool & interesting

Old ones were so much better

I agree, the old ones were better.

I like the new ones better overall. They are more diverse, original and balanced. The previous had too many duplicate weapons (11 types of fists) and it took too long before you get to the actual good stuff. I like how the new ones are split into categories. First you get the gimmicks that aren't actual weapons 1-10. Then in 11-20 you get the home made street brawl weapons. 21-30 actual but basic weapons. 31-40 advanced ninja weapons. 41-50 legendary film/game reference weapons. 51-60 godly weapons. You actually feel them getting stronger. Certain weapons are either overrated (throwing stars, boxing glove with barbed wire), or underrated (the guns, the shovel). And I don't like they put in guns. (How is a lvl 60 medieval knight stronger than a lvl 30 shotgun?) I'm a sucker for pixel art so I think the new icons look really great. The only thing I miss are the old level 58-60 icons. They looked more epic than the new ones. I hope these new icons will stay for a while.

I feel like the old icons progressed much more naturally. & I liked the evolution of the fist with the first 10

I like the new ones better but the old ones were cool

mind if i share this on my page?
this is actually kinda nifty to look at
currently 16 ... man i miss my weaponised bacon and eggs!
forget packing a luch for a fight have breakfast :D

Please do. Cheers