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Excellent Halloween Submission!

A great song that was done justice with an excellent movie. The fluidity of the animation and the level of detail is amazing. The characters' facial and gestural expressiveness is very impressive. Overall: excellent.

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MERRY. . . err. . . Boxing Day, everyone.

Thank you, Mr. TOAS, for including me and for organizing this mammoth collab. Seeing the whole thing put together is pretty awesome. Kudos to everyone who participated!

Happy Holidays!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks Locke, it was a pleasure to include yours. You helped get the collab off to a fantastic start.
Merry Boxing Day!

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I don't think that I have ever seen a Pixel Art calligram before - Very cool.

The message is a bit difficult to read on Mario's face and stomach, but setting the font color message darker that the surrounding nonsense-characters makes things a little better. The "sm@art#at+|those" portion is the least readable. I would consider making the "art" part of "smart" the same font color (the same as the rest of the message); this is the only place where you break with the internal logic of the design.

Ace0fredspades responds:

Thank you for such a deep analysis ^____^ (and yeah it's not a calligramm- it's a typogramm ^___^)

Analog Pixel Art!

Pixel art in an old school medium (paint and stencil) is very cool and very meta. The vertical framing (reminiscent of the game) and the marbling effect of the sponge work are nice touches. Very clean composition and very cool idea.

Otto responds:

Thankyou. I agree, it's the texture and the framing that really make it. Take them away and it's just some colours in a shape. I've got these things sponged all over my walls in different colours now; space invaders really do draw me in.

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